Electron Ion Collider Users Meeting

June 24-27, 2014 at Stony Brook University


In 2013 the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee’s subcommittee on Future Facilities called the Electron Ion Collider (EIC) “central to the US nuclear science program in the coming decade and beyond”.  In anticipation of the US nuclear science community’s  next long range planning (LRP) exercise in 2014/2015, this meeting of the potential EIC users is aimed at initiating the discussions and planning needed to get the EIC recommended by the NSAC as the next major facility in nuclear science in the US. All interested in seeing the EIC realized are  invited.

Significant progress has been made in the last few years on:

  1. a)defining the science case for the ElC

    (INT program proceedings & the EIC White Paper)

  1. b)the technical design of the collider

    (Presentations at the EIC Advisory Committee 


  1. c)detector design ideas for both the BNL and at JLab machine designs made possible by the influx of R&D funds for detector.

In this meeting we will present the status of machine designs, the science case, and the detector ideas  & technologies currently under consideration. We welcome new ideas from the potential EIC users. We will explore opportunities for collaborations amongst national and international participants across various boundaries.


Motivation & Goal of this meeting:


Hilton Garden Inn & the Wang Center at Stony Brook University

Travel to Stony Brook & Maps etc.

Logistics: Arrival & Parking



Registered Participants

Housing (open)

Scientific Program



Administrative Support/Contact:

Ms. Socoro Delquaglio

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Tel: +1 (631) 632-8757