Hotels in the area get booked fast in the summer, please make your booking soon. You are responsible for your own housing arrangements.


  1. Hilton Garden Inn at Stony Brook university

    Rate: $119 per night, does not include Breakfast

    Confirmed room availability at the above rate until June 2, 2014

    Walking distance from the conference site

    Reserve now


  1. Holiday Inn Express near Stony Brook University

    Rate: $129 per night, includes hot breakfast buffet

    Confirmed room availability by June 1, 2014

    Free Shuttle service available from the hotel to the conference site

    Reserve Now


    Holiday Inn Express: Reservation by phone: call +1 (631) 471-8000 or +1 (800) HOLIDAY

    Must use reservation block code: ELE

  1. Other hotels in the vicinity, including the map w.r.t. the University

Campus Housing with cheaper rates:

  1. We have some rooms at the Campus Housing.

    Reservations can be made up to a week prior to the meeting (June 15th, 2014).

    Rates: $72 per night for a single room

               $58 per night for a double room (shared)

    Adult & Professional Conferences are assigned to the Nobel Halls, the first (GOLD) LEED

    certified residence halls on the Stony Brook Campus. Built in 2010, each unit in the

    Nobels has three bedrooms, one bathroom ad a common living area. The suites are fully

    furnished, provide individual climate controls in each unit, wired and wireless ethernet

    access and cabel TV jacks (TVs not included). Linens are provided.

    Reserve now (select “Electron Ion Collider” conference & conference code 150

    Limited funding for student support towards housing in the Campus Housing is

    available. Please contact Ms. Socoro Delquaglio (socoro.delquaglio_at_stonybrook.edu)

    for information.