SBU-Spin Group: Present and Past

Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Swadhin Taneja (2007-present)
Global Analysis of polarized DIS and p-p data, including study of impact with the EIC
PHENIX Silicon VTX tracker upgrade, construction, testing and commissioning
EIC:  Electroweak Structure Spin Functions, Searches of possible physics beyond the Standard Model at the EIC

Graduate Students:
Andrew Manion (2008-present)
Polarized gluon distribution via inclusive neutral pion cross section and double longitudinal asymmetry, RHIC Run-9 data, (200 and 500 GeV, Center of Mass) 
PHENIX Silicon VTX tracker upgrade, testing QA, construction and commissioning 
Paul Kline (2008-present)
Polarized gluon distribution through direct photon production, RHIC -Run-9 data (200 and 500 GeV, Center of Mass) 
PHENIX Si VTX tracker upgrade, fabrication, testing, commissioning 
PHENIX Operations: Vernier Scans for luminosity measurement, QA of systematics including luminosity and relative luminosity studies

Sookhyun Lee (2009-present)
Measurement of 250 GeV polarized proton’s spin polarization, RHIC Run-9
Determination of  polarized gluon distribution via inclusive charged pion production asymmetry in polarized p-p scattering, Run-9 (200 and 500 GeV, Center of Mass) 

Ciprian Gal (2010-present)
VTX tracker: fabrication, commissioning
PHENIX Operations: ZDC based Local Polarimetry 

Undergraduate Students
Cyrus Faroughy (2010-present)
Study of Lepton Flavor Violation at the EIC, A sensitivity and feasibility study

Thomas Videbaek (2010-present)
Feasibility study of the “gattling gun” design for the polarized electron source for the eRHIC
(co-supervisor: Dr. Triveni Rao, BNL)

Owen Vail (2010-present)
GEANT simulation for EIC detector
(co-supervisor: Dr. E. C. Aschenauer, BNL, and the EIC Task Force)

William Foreman (2009-present)
EIC Kinematics and physics acceptance studies through simulations
(co-supervisors: Dr. E. C. Aschenauer, BNL and the EIC task force)

Peter Schnatz (2010)
Study of radiative corrections in DIS at the EIC
(co-supervisors: Dr. E. C. Aschenauer, BNL and the EIC task force)

Stony Brook Spin Group Alumni
Names, dates at SBU, research topics, Where are they now?

Dr. Kieran Boyle, Ph.D. 2004-2008
Thesis Topic: Double longitudinal spin asymmetry in inclusive neutral pion production in 200 GeV Center of Mass polarized proton collisions at RHIC. 
Present: Post doctoral fellow at RIKEN BNL Research Center at BNL, 
Activity: RHIC Spin and BELLE experiment at KEK

Dr. Robert Bennett, Ph.D. 2004-2009
Thesis Topic: Cross section and double longitudinal asymmetry in direct photon production in 200 GeV Center of Mass polarized proton collisions at RHIC.  
Present: post doctoral fellow at Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA.
Activity: Jefferson Laboratory, Hall C

Steven Kaneti, MSI (Masters in Scientific Instrumentation) 2008-2010
Thesis Topic: Design and construction of PHENIX VTX tracker. 
Present: Ph.D. Graduate Student, Cambridge University, UK working
Activity: ATLAS experiment at CERN, Switzerland.

Nathan Means, MSI, 2006-2008
Thesis Topic: Construction, installation and commissioning of the PHENIX muon piston calorimeter. 
Present: Financial planning for services, Colorado, USA 

Michael Savastio B.S. Honors (2010)
Diffractive physics  in e-A collisions at the Electron Ion Collider (EIC); Collider acceptance studies for the EIC
Present: Ph.D. Graduate Student, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Anders Kirleis (2009-2010)
GEANT detector simulation for the EIC
(co-supervisor: Dr. Vadim Ptitsyn & Dr. V. Litvinenko, BNL-CAD)
Sr. Physics and Computer Science Major, Stony Brook University

Phillippe Castera (Visitor from 6 months 2010)
Silicon VTX tracker, PHENIX Detector Upgrade
(co-supervisor: Prof. B. Jacak, Stony Brook & Dr. Rachid Nouicer, BNL-Physics)
Undergraduate student, Physics and Engineering, Ecole Centrale, Paris, France