Quarks in Nuclei - PHY552
Fall 2012
Professor Barbara Jacak
Office: C-102, phone: 632-6041
Office hours: TBA
email: barbara.jacak@stonybrook.edu
Course meets Tu, Th 2:30-3:40 am, in room B131 (Physics Building)
First class meeting: Thursday, Aug. 30 at 2:30 pm, room B131
Recommended text: "Introduction to High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions" by C.-Y. Wong

The course will focus on the small distance physics of nuclear and hadronic matter, especially at high temperature and density. The subject spans the boundary between Nuclear and Particle physics. We will discuss experimental approaches to QCD, with a particular focus on the physics of hot QCD matter as explored at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.

We will discuss experimental observables and kinematics to probe the formation and properties of the quark gluon plasma. Subjects to be covered include parton energy loss in dense partonic matter, color screening and J/ψ suppression, equilibration, collective flow and hadronization. From these will see why the quark gluon plasma is considered a strongly coupled perfect liquid. Key unknowns and how we can learn more about this remarkable new kind of matter will be addressed.

Class will be a mix of lectures and journal-club style discussions. We will read and discuss the original papers. The course grade will be based on a combination of homework, participation, and preparation and leadership of class discussion of one or two journal papers. 

course syllabus